• Loyola Graduate Workers' Union

LGWU Stands in Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

The Loyola Graduate Workers' Union is committed to promoting racial and social justice and to fighting white supremacy, especially within academic institutions.

Our union's stance is detailed in the X-Campus Statement Against State Terror and Call for Termination of University-Police Ties, a document that we are honored to have collaborated on and endorsed alongside other graduate worker unions from across the nation. Organizations and individuals are encouraged to sign this statement, which calls for the severing of police ties with academic institutions and the redistribution of policing funds, by clicking here.

We also encourage those in the Loyola community to sign the following petition demanding that Loyola University Chicago end its partnership with the Chicago Police Department.

Finally, we are prioritizing the use of our newly-launched Loyola Mutual Aid Network for the sharing of information and resources pertaining to #BlackLivesMatter activism efforts and community-building.

While the LGWU's role in the fight for racial justice is far from over, we hope that the infrastructure of our organization can serve as a home for the action and growth necessary for radical social change.

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