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LGWU Statement Against Capitol Incident

Hello fellow graduate workers,

As members of the Loyola Graduate Workers’ Union, we strongly condemn the recent coup attempt and violence on the United States Capitol. It is an affront to democracy and an open display of fascism. Those who have enabled the rise of conspiracy theories and supported the Trump administration share a moral responsibility in the wake of yesterday's threat to the democratic process.

As workers for social justice in all that we do, we seek a more equitable society, and openly and actively denounce white supremacy and bigotry.

It is also incumbent on all of us to push back against the tide of fascism and white supremacy, and as academic workers and citizens, that means fighting for a more just and free society both inside and outside of the academy. We reaffirm our commitment to anti-fascist and anti-racist work, and as a part of that work we are committed to engaging in anti-fascist and anti-racist organizing, anti-fascist and anti-racist teaching, and holding one another -- as well as the Loyola community as a whole -- to these commitments.

We push for openness and transparency, as well as the rights and inclusion of people of all backgrounds, not the opposite.

We are stronger together, and now more than ever, we need to build a movement against fascism, racism, and inequality. We encourage you all to organize with us, to reach out to us, and to join our movement as we fight for a better world.


The Loyola Graduate Workers’ Union

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