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>> Tools and support available to our graduate worker community (and beyond!).

Loyola Mutual Aid Network

Get info about how to get involved with our Loyola-specific Mutual Aid Network

COVID-19 Resources

Resources geared towards issues directly (or indirectly) caused by the current pandemic

LUC University Resources

Resources available to us as members of the Loyola Community, offered by LUC

Chicago/Illinois Resources

City and state based resources 

Mental & Physical Health

Resources surrounding mental and physical well-being

Food Insecurity 


Resources for students experiencing food insecurity

Housing Resources

Resources for students trying to find housing or struggling with housing insecurity

International Students

Resources especially geared towards our international students



Navigating COVID-19

The below resources are to assist in working through the insecurity and uncertainty that comes with living during a global pandemic. If there are resources you would like to add to this list, please send them along and we will update our list. 

COVID-19 Resources
+ Illinois Department of Health List of COVID-19 Testing Sites

>> COVID-19 testing sites in Illinois; available to all regardless of symptoms.

+ Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation COVID-19 Projections

>> Current statistics and projections about the COVID-19 pandemic state-by-state.

+ Health Sciences Ministry: Front Line Worker Support Resources

>> Mental and physical health resources for front line workers during the pandemic.

+ COVID-19: Finding Care When Uninsured

>> Information about seeking COVID-19 medical care while uninsured in Chicago.

+ Home Health Guidance for COVID-19

>> Guide for precautions to take at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

+ LUC Wellness Center

>> Health resources and access for LUC students.

+ SEE ALSO: Mental & Physical Health Resources below

Mutual Aid Funds & Networks


>> Financial support available to all Loyola students; submit receipts or documentation of all expenses incurred during the pandemic shutdown in order to apply for government funds designated for student financial relief.

+ Illinois Department of Employment Security

>> Applying for unemployment in Illinois; note that those with secondary jobs will most likely qualify for IDES, but those with only LUC income can apply for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program (though you must first apply to IDES regular unemployment and get rejected to then qualify for PUA).


>> Note that both IDES and PUA recipients are eligible for the additional federally-funded $600/week in unemployment benefits until July 25th, 2020.

+ Coronavirus and Forbearance Info for Students, Borrowers, and Parents

>> Federal Student Aid (FSA) information about student loan payments during the pandemic, including the payment freeze and 0% interest rate on Department of Education-owned loans from March 13, 2020 through September 30, 2020.

+ ComED Residential Special Hardship Program

>> Accommodations for ComED customers unable to pay their bills.

+ Chicago Current Job Opening Board

>> Ongoing list of current job openings in Chicago.

+ 1575+ Remote Jobs From 100+ Companies

>> Ongoing list of current remote job openings.

+ Greater Chicago Food Depository

>> Link to finding nearest food bank within Chicago, for those experiencing food insecurity.

+ Chicago Online Farmers Markets

>> Online Chicago farmers markets with options for pick-up and home delivery.

+ Share Food, Share Love

>> For residents of Brookfield, Hodgkins, LaGrange Park, Lyons, McCook, North Riverside, Riverside.

+ Provisio Partnets for Health (PP4H)

>> For Maywood Residents.

+ Trans Liberation Collective and Brave Space Alliance: Crisis Pantry Program

>> Food pantry and distribution system throughout the city with an emphasis on supporting LGBTQ folks on the South and West Side.

+ Health Sciences Ministry COVID-19 Resources

>> Collection of resources assembled through Loyola's Health Sciences Ministry; includes wellness resources, materials for healthcare workers, ministry events, and more.

+ Loyola Coronavirus Webpage

>> LUC's official Coronavirus webpage with the latest updates about the pandemic's impact on campus and the university.

+ Chicago COVID Resources

>> Extensive collection of resources for Chicago-based pandemic support.


>> Cheatsheet of workers' rights during a pandemic.

+ City of Chicago: Latest COVID-19 Guidance

>> Most recent updates regarding government ordinances and social/personal precautions to take due to the pandemic.

+ COVID-19 Tenant Organizing Toolkit

>> Chicago-based toolkit by the Autonomous Tenants Union (ATU) about how to best work with your neighbors to negotiate with landlords and fight eviction.

[English + Spanish]

+ Legal Aid Chicago

>> Legal support for fighting evictions in Chicago; in general, free civil legal services for those living in poverty in Chicago.

+ Emergency Rental Assistance

>> People that can use a one-time grant for rent assistance.

+ State-Level Information for Essential Workers Seeking Child Care

>> For essential workers in Illinois looking for childcare.

+ Sittercity

>> Essential personnel have free access to Sittercity Platinum. 

+ NAFSA: Association of International Educators

>> Coronavirus Critical Resources from the Association of International Educators with updated information about international student concerns re: COVID-19, relevant visa and immigration updates, etc.

+ Loyola International Student and Scholar Services

>> FAQs regarding the current COVID-19 from Loyola International Student & Scholars Services. 

+ International Student COVID-19 FAQs by the International and Immigrant Student Workers Alliance

>> Cross-institutional resources for international graduate students and workers with information and updates about the COVID-19 impact on visas, travel, executive orders, and more.

+ COVID-19 Resources for Undocumented Immigrants

>> Extensive spreadsheet of medical, legal, and financial resources for undocumented immigrants; available in English and Spanish.

+ Betancourt Macias Family Scholarship Foundation

>> Financial support for undocumented immigrants during the pandemic.

+ Loyola CARE Referral

>> Students ineligible for federal stimulus checks, HEERF grants, or unemployment benefits due to undocumented or DACA status should complete a CARE referral for possible financial support.

+ KNOW YOUR RIGHTS During COVID-19 – Info Sheet for Immigrants & Undocumented People

>> Info sheet about rights for immigrants and undocumented folks in the US during the pandemic.

NOT SURE where to turn?

If you are experiencing circumstances that are affecting your academic success, food or housing insecurity, dealing with the loss of a loved one, or experiencing unusual financial difficulty, you are encouraged to contact the Center for Student Assistance and Advocacy.

You will have direct assistance from LUC in navigating your academic, financial, and/or social situation at the university.




The below resources are provided to us by Loyola. If there are resources you would like to add to this list, please send them along and we will update our list. 

LUC University Resorces




The below resources are available both within the city of Chicago and in Illinois more broadly. If there are resources you would like to add to this list, please send them along and we will update our list. 

CHI/IL Resources



The below resources cover ways to keep up your mental and physical health. Graduate work is a marathon not a sprint, and be sure you're prioritizing yourself as much as your work. If there are resources you would like to add to this list, please send them along and we will update our list. 

Mental Health Organizations and Hotlines:

Guided Meditation Apps:
Fitness and Exercise:
Mental-Physical Health



Because no one should go hungry

If there are resources you would like to add to this list, please send them along and we will update our list. 

Food Insecurity Resources: 
Food Insecurity



Keeping a Roof Over Your Head

Our current list is geared towards the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If there are resources you would like to add to this list, please send them along and we will update our list. 

Housing Insecurity Resources:

Utilities Resources:



Helping Navigate Higher Ed in the USA

If there are resources you would like to add to this list, please send them along and we will update our list. 

Intl Students
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